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Extreme Temperature Proof, Heat & Frost Resistant TV Screens

Extreme Frost & Heat Proof TV Display Screen

The Outdoor Screen Company TVs are resistant to extreme temperature changes and can withstand outdoor and indoor temperature ranges from -20°C to +55°C . Whether switched on or off the sealed television display unit’s internal temperature regulation system protects TV components what ever the external extremes of heat or frost.

Heat Proof Flat Screen TVElectrical items can overheat causing irreparable damage or even fire. Placing an ordinary indoor TV outside, in a garden, on warm sunny day will place tremendous strains on the television’s cooling system and may result in the set overheating.

The temperature regulation system includes a thermostat and a series of fans to maintain a consistent internal temperature.

The Outdoor TV screen temperature controls also reduce the risk of condensation forming on the internal, electrical components of the TV when they are cooling down after use.

By excluding condensation and dust ingress from the interior of the screen, The Outdoor Screen Company screens are resistant to corrosion and rust that may otherwise shorten the lifespan of the internal working parts.

Extreme Temperature Proof TV Display Screens

If you’re interested in becoming a distributor or supplier of The Outdoor Screen Company extreme temperature proof, heat and frost resistant TV screens.

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