Pub TV Display Screens For 2021 Euro Football

Aqualite Outdoor LED TV display screens for use outside are a real boon for publicans and bar owners especially if they have outside smoking areas, beer gardens or terraces.

By installing an outdoor TV display screen owners can attract customers, boost trade and allow their customers to enjoy the horse racing, golf, tennis and UEFA 2021 Euro football outside with the good summer weather.

The economics are fairly straightforward from an end user’s perspective. A moderately busy town or city pub can turn over £2,000 to £3,000 in an hour.

By providing entertainment, publicans and bar owners can extend the busy period before and after music or sporting event screenings.

They can also increasing the capacity of the pub, bar or hotel by making an outdoor space productive.

The rate and return on an investment in outdoor TV screen installations is pretty impressive.

Aqualite Outdoor TV screens will keep your customers flowing in this summer and in the future. For UK and European trade and export enquiries or to find your local Aqualite Outdoor TV screen supplier, distributor or installer please contact us. or use the form below.

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