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Outdoor Touch TV Display Screen Monitors, Signs & Billboards

Touch TV Display Screen Monitors, Signs & Billboards

Our top of the range touch TV screen display monitors, panels, signs and billboards feature an in-built TouchFoil and Windows PC, this essentially turns them into a huge (IP66 Rated) Outdoor Tablet!

Outdoor Touch TV Display The Outdoor Screen Company IP66 Rated Interactive Touch TV Screen Displays are BIG news. They help you to create powerful, engaging, interactive communications with customers. Best of all, they’re fun and easy to use. Simply touch the screen and let your curiosity and imagination take over.

The outdoor and indoor touch TV screen displays are available in sizes  26” 32” 42” 55” 65” 70”  & 82″ available in Standard Brightness (500cd/m2) or High Brightness (1,500cd/m2) models.

Interactive Outdoor Touch TV Display Screen Monitors

Touch TV Screen Films & CoatingsWe’ve partnered with and incorporated Visualplanet™ touchfoil™ into our (IP66 Rated) screens.

This is a patent-protected, self-adhesive clear film touch sensor that turns our toughened glass into an interactive surface. Once we’ve combined with our TV Display Panel and an integrated Windows PC the possibilities for interactive outdoor content are endless.

Standard Brightness Touch TV Displays  – (500cd/m2)

Our Standard Brightness models are perfectly suited to outdoor areas where some natural or artificial shade is present. These models are suited to areas such as under an awning or canopy, under a concourse, on a shaded wall or under trees or natural cover. At 500 cd/m2 (or Nits) these models offer a higher brightness than the average LCD TV at home and like all of our screens, offer Full HD 1080p pixture resolution.

High Brightness Touch TV Screens – (1,500cd/m2)

Our High Brightness (1,500cd/m2) models are classified as ‘sunlight readable’ and are best suited to high brightness outdoor conditions where there is little or no shade. Typically these are best suited to applications such as yachts, school playgrounds, hotel grounds, construction sites and roof terraces. Anywhere where the sun is a major factor and high brightness and screen visibility paramount.

Outdoor TV Screen Retailer Opportunities

The Outdoor Screen Company are currently recruiting outdoor TV screen retailers, distributors, dealers, wholesalers, importers and suppliers to develop business opportunities in the UK, US, UAE, EU, Eastern Europe, South America, Caribbean, India, Africa, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.. more on outdoor TV sales opportunities

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