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Outdoor TV Screen Accessories – Cables, Brackets, Mountings & Enclosures

Outdoor TV Wall Brackets, Mountings, Cables & Cabinets

Included in your outdoor TV purchase is a wall bracket. The bracket supplied with all TV displays is for INDOOR USE ONLY.  It is not rust proof therefore if placed in an outdoor environment where the weather elements have access to the bracket it may corrode & may become weak.

If you wish to install the TV outdoors then please consult you AV specialist. He will inform you of the correct outdoor bracket to use i.e. galvanized for outdoor use and may include additional security features.

Waterproof TV Leads, Cables & Connections

The Outdoor Screen Company have left nothing to chance, and that includes connectivity.  All TV screens come complete with a 3 metre long cable loom and enter the base of the screen via a secure and robust, IP66  waterproof cable entry system.

USB and Memory Card Slots

All of our products come with an in-built USB and SD card reader (inside a lockable section on the product) allowing you to play/auto-play your content directly to the screen, a handy feature  so there’s no need to connect to a separate computer or laptop.

Outdoor TV Speakers

Weatherproof speakers are included, giving 7 watts per channel.

Outdoor TV Cabinets & Security Enclosures

Used inside or outside, these versatile wall mounted TV security enclosures provide the display screens with an added level of protection against theft and vandalism when the display screen is not in use.

When added security is necessary, our outdoor TV screen enclosures can be purchased at the same time as your  screen or supplied and fitted retrospectively. Please note that enclosure are a special manufactured order so please allow approximately 14 days for delivery.

These outdoor TV enclosures are wall-mounted with lockable bi-folding doors.

They give an added level of protection when the screen is not in use or left outside in public or un-manned locations.

Outdoor TV Screen Retailer Opportunities

The Outdoor Screen Company are currently recruiting outdoor TV screen retailers, distributors, dealers, wholesalers, importers and suppliers to develop business opportunities in the UK, US, UAE, EU, Eastern Europe, South America, Caribbean, India, Africa, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.. more on outdoor TV sales opportunities

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